IC EU is about:

– enabling young people to understand and integrate their European citizenship;
– rights, freedoms and responsibilities across the European Union;
– surpass language barriers by communicating in our native language;
– developing awareness of cultural differences and going beyond prejudice, stereotypes and racism, to understand one another.

Through activities such as staff trainings, a blended learning mobility for young people and dissemination events organized in partner countries, the IC EU project brings together experienced professionals involved in youth education and international projects with the aim of creating a methodology which will facilitate using intercomprehension as a tool in international youth projects.

By the end of the project, the IC EU team will produce a catalogue of activities and materials destined for youth workers to use in order to empower and encourage young people to become aware of and understand what European citizenship means to them and how they can benefit from international education, travel or employment opportunities.

For more information, see Activities and/or Results.