We are European citizens

And we believe in educating young people to understand that they too are citizens of the European Union, with freedoms, rights and responsibilities. We also believe in celebrating cultural diversity beyond language barriers which is why we came together and created
IC EU – Intercomprehension for European Citizenship.


Founded in 2011, Enoa Linguistics is a company which provides access to international business, education and employment opportunities through language services such as translations, copywriting and intercultural events.

Through the services provided it addresses the needs of private companies, non-profit organizations and individuals.

As of 2017, we aim to have a social impact by supporting youth education and employability through intercultural workshops and youth mobility.


Established in 2000, the Intercultura association aims to promote intercultural dialogue and human rights education in a popular education approach and international solidarity.

For this reason Intercultura is involved in various fields, such as: active participation of youth, learning and intercultural education, citizenship and human rights education.

Intercultura organizes: training, meetings, seminars, support of local actors projects (associations, youth, municipalities etc.) using methods of intervention based on cooperation, participation, sharing experiences and stimulating the emergence of ideas, reflection, discussion, creativity and the desire to act of local communities.


IFOA is a not-for-profit Training Centre, appointed since 1999 as a national VET center, with 10 sites all over Italy.

Since 1993 IFOA has been working with a transnational vocation acting as a project promoter, coordinator or partner in EU co-funded projects. IFOA, following the European Union principles, strongly believes in the exchange and sharing of experiences and best practices,aiming to develop Vocational Education and Training Systems, EQF and ECVET.

IFOA delivers trainings for students, trainees, apprentices and companies and works with schools, universities, chambers of commerce, companies and public authorities to develop learning projects at local, national and international level.

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