Intercomprehension / Creativity

The first staff training focused on intercomprehension and creativity. The participants gained insight into the concept of intercomprehension, the challenges and opportunities of using it as a means of communication and how it was implemented in other projects. In view of producing intercomprehension activities, the agenda included sessions on exercising creativity and imagining intercultural contexts during which to apply intercomprehension.

The training featured on-site visits to associated partners to meet young people and involve them in intercomprehension activities. The participants also had the opportunity of discovering intercultural Bucharest by attending a local social event promoting communication in foreign languages, visits to international bookstores and local farmer markets.

By the end of the training, the IC EU team experienced intercomprehension in action during a tour of a co-working space dedicated to creative industries with the guide speaking only in Romanian and the French and Italian participants asking questions in their own language. No translation was used in facilitating that conversation.

Meticulously planned by: Enoa Linguistics in Bucharest
Date: December 2017
Activity: IC EU Staff training