IC EU Fest

Young people from Romania, Italy and France gathered in Dinan, city of history and art, for an intercultural learning mobility with the aim of empowering young people to interact in an intercultural context using intercomprehension.

The activities, created and facilitated by IC EU team members, focused on intercultural learning, European citizenship and human rights. To further develop their communication competences and learn new skills, the participants and project team joined the 180 volunteers organizing a local 2-day festival.

Les Esclaffades, a yearly street art festival, brings together storytellers, singers, dancers, acrobats from around the world who take over Saint Hellen town square to share their talents and entertain the public. The festival scene is rich in cultural diversity and artists from all over the world use music, dance, food and humor to invite reflection on human rights and intercultural awareness.

The sum of activities carried out during the week-long experience will be featured in the IC EU Catalogue.

Intercomprehension works with Enoa Linguistics, Intercultura & IFOA in Dinan
Date: June 2018
Activity: IC EU Youth mobility